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The Pennwick Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to broadening public awareness of art.  In addition to publishing a variety of books, catalogues, and electronic media on topics including, but not limited to, fine art, photography, and film, the Pennwick foundation seeks to create educational opportunities and increase access to the arts through the development new methodologies of exhibition.  

The core of the Pennwick Foundation’s collection consists of an extensive array of German Expressionist illustrated books and periodicals, all of which are available for loan to educational institutions.  Curators of the Pennwick Foundation have assembled sets of original works, along with informational material, into complete, prefabricated exhibitions that the explore the various artists, themes, and techniques associated with the major modernist movement that developed in Germany and Austria during the early decades of the 20th century. Those with questions regarding the Pennwick Foundation in general, the Pennwick collection, Pennwick Publishing, educational opportunities, or charitable grants should contact the Pennwick Foundation at 212.744.0340 or

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